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Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a process for allowing leadership and vision to emerge from all caring people in an organization or community.

  • Participants build agenda and set priorities in real time
  • Organizers and participants receive a report of all ideas and actions
  • Action plans are developed
  • One to three days in duration

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Interactive Group Work

Fun and with purpose, a customized interactive group work process can engage audiences and meet specific program objectives.

  • Interactive group networking
  • Group problem solving processes
  • Teambuilding programs
  • Conference kickoffs

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Training Program Development

Great content makes for only half of a training plan. Learning, retention and practice is also supported by a purposeful plan for delivery and evaluation.

  • Content consultation with subject matter experts
  • Define learning objectives
  • Design interactive and engaging activities
  • Develop facilitators’ guide and participant materials
  • Plan for evaluation and continuous improvement

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Consultants and Trainers


Cameron Tulloch

Founder + Principal Consultant

Cameron Tulloch is a dedicated professional with a unique and effective mix of experience as a Business Advisor, Training and Facilitation Consultant and technology enthusiast. Cameron’s training career began through his work in community building, public health, youth engagement, and policy change programs. He has been employed by the The Lung Association’s Youth Advocacy Training…

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